My name is Blake Leonard and Iím from the Northport/Tuscaloosa, Alabama area.

Not only am I an artist, Iím also a costumer and frequent convention goer. I enjoy meeting folks while I'm out so feel free to say hello to me.

My interests outside artwork include music (my taste in music spans traditional 50's and 60's country, punk rock, alternative rock mostly from the 90's, cheesy 80's and 90's pop music, movies, collecting A-Team merchandise and other collectibles, web design, cooking, watching sports, video gaming, outdoors, and history.

Lenny Mutt is a male German Shepherd/Siberian Husky mix breed dog character I created in 2005 to represent myself and my artwork online. Lenny is most seen wearing silver goggles with blue lenses, a black spiked collar, and now a set of ear gauges in various designs.

In 2006 Lenny became real life thanks to Mixed Candy Mascots and is a regular at conventions to this day. Feel free to take photos if you see me out, I never mind posing. :)